Convenient and cost effective solutions

Business Office Solutions offers the following solutions for your business. We also offer packages that encompass some or all of the above services and we can customize them based on your unique requirements. You can review details of these services that are outlined separately in each of the different tabs.

Are you looking to lease an office room or share a cubicle?

All our office rooms come furnished and are available in different sizes. Some of them come can accommodate up to 2 persons while others can accommodate 4-5 persons. All office rooms come with professional office furniture, internet access. You also have free access to the reception and pantry area.

Our fully furnished office rooms work on a “plug and play” concept. All you have to do is just move in and you are ready to do business from day one.

Some of the features of our furnished office suites are:

  • 24 x 7 access to companies that lease our office space unlike most other service providers who limit access to weekdays and normal business hours. If you want to stay up very late or work on the weekends, these service providers will charge very high hourly fees. Not us you can use the office room after office hours and on weekends.
  • Free use of conference room or meeting room facility to meet your customers or vendors or guests. There are no additional costs associated which is typically the case with other service providers
  • Incoming mail will be received by our staff and kept for your pick up or we can courier the documents for you if required.
  • Your company name In some locations would appear in the main entrance of the office building while in other locations your name would appear in the directory listing outside our office entrance.
  • Free car parking space that is available when you use any of our services. So you and your guests don't have to worry about any parking issues.
  • Registered Office address permission is granted to your company at no additional cost. Almost all the other service providers will either not allow your firm to use their address as the registered office of the company or charge you separate fees to be able to do so.
So if you need just an office suite without having to worry about renting all the office rooms that come as part of a standard office, or don't need the hassle of purchasing office furniture, then our solution will work for you. Our professional staff will help you in every step of the way. Exemplary customer service is one of the key factors that differentiate us from other service providers Please call us today and we begin the process of graduating your business to whole new level.

Conference Room Facilities:

We offer a fully equipped conference room that can seat up to 8 people. You can use this facility to make a presentation to your clients or conduct meetings when you need it, without having to invest in the infrastructure or have a meeting at a coffee shop or at home.

This facility is available 7 days a week including after office hours and on weekends. You will also have access to the pantry facility including coffee, water etc. You will also be provided with writing pads, pens etc. and there is free car parking for your staff and guests.

The office complex is conveniently located close to banks, post office, restaurants and major roads including US Highway 1, Interstate 95, and Route 27.

Are you looking for a Virtual Office Solution for your business?

As you begin your journey in establishing your business, "cost and convenience" are two important factors that you would consider while setting up an office. Typically both these factors are intertwined and are directly proportionate to each other. Higher the cost, greater is the convenience and vice versa. Many of the young companies that are established every day find it very difficult to manage these two factors.

Fortunately our virtual office solution is very convenient and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

What is a Virtual Office?

According to BNET Business Directory, a virtual office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space. It differs from "office business centers" or "executive suites", which do provide office space.

How does it help a start up or small business or an overseas company?

Virtual office may be the perfect set up for companies that don’t have a very large budget but at the same time need a professional office address to receive mail and to communicate with customers and vendors.

Many start up entrepreneurs begin their journey by working from their home or a library and combine this with taking up a Virtual office service that gives them the flexibility and convenience. At we understand their requirements as we have the experience and expertise of providing this service.

Many small businesses including overseas companies with US operations have a very lean staff that may be geographically spread out. In such a case, it may not be possible for them to invest in renting real estate space in multiple locations. Virtual office service provided by is the perfect solution for such companies as it combines the benefit of a professional office address with the flexibility of appointing a geographically spread out sales staff.

At, our virtual office service includes:

  • Registered Office of the company (only in New Jersey). It is mandatory for every company registered in New Jersey to have a New Jersey address where all official state and legal documents can be served.
  • Official mailing address for their business including using it in all their marketing brochures, business cards and web site.
  • Scanning all incoming mail and emailing to designated email address or sending by courier
  • Check deposit option for customers who may receive a lot of customer checks
  • Discounted use of conference room facility or office space if required

Some of our unique features include:

  • Professional Address not a P.O.Box address: You will get a professional address that you can use for your business and is not a mail box address that is offered by many service providers
  • Registered Office Address at no additional cost: For companies that are registered or registering in New Jersey State you will get the added benefit of using our address as the registered office address with New Jersey State.
  • Flexibility that comes with our virtual office service. You can initially sign up with our virtual office service and then as your business grows you can switch at any time to renting any of our office suites
  • Convenience of setting and terminating the service as we offer a month on month option
  • Check deposit service option that is very useful for companies that don't have any administrative staff to take care of this very important function. is managed directly by the business owners and as a result you will get the level of attention not offered by most other service providers. So if you are looking for a very affordable option, then give us a call and we can set you up with the Virtual office service.

Incorporation: We can incorporate all type of companies in 50 states.

Our package solution includes:
  • Consultation on the type of company to be incorporated keeping in mind the various compliances. We provide special assistance to overseas companies that are planning to set up a US operation and we guide them in understanding the US tax and regulatory system and then determining the correct corporate structure.
  • Registering the company in the state and paying all applicable fees
  • Obtaining a registered office service if required.
  • Obtaining an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Customized corporate kit for your company that includes company seal, share certificate, minutes among other documents.
Accounting, Payroll, Tax services:

Our group company VXL Services Inc. has been providing these services for over 10 years to startups, small, medium sized companies and overseas companies with US operations. They also assist companies in providing courier, Health insurance, Life Insurance, 401(k) set up, SEP IRA. These are some of the products used by companies in order to retain top talent in their companies You can visit their website at VXL Services Inc. to get additional details.